Not enough FroYo

Once in a while, when our minds are at their limit and they're about to explode, we just have to stop immediately and take a breath. Do not take a step forward. This time, let's take a step sideways and cool off our heads even for a few minutes.

I've always known that there is a frozen yogurt place by my school. My campus is literally composed of Downtown buildings. We are in the heart of the city (Hey! that's my story title!) and that's one thing I love about going to this campus. I was finally able to visit this little FroYo store with two of my friends.

The place is adorable. It's totally pink and white. Too cute to handle.
So, we destressed there for a while. 

This is my view every single day from the parking lot spot. This is just amazing, all the time! This view inspires me to go on.

Le Petite Wanderer


  1. The view is wonderful! Where is this place? I'd love to see it! :)

    1. It really is.. it's breathtaking :)
      This is in Miami, Florida :D




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