SUMMER DIARIES: Roadtrip to New York! Part 1

This is a long-overdue post, but I am still extremely excited to share you my road trip experience with my friend and her family. As you all know, I went north, and this time I went past Florida! I wasn't really able to contain my excitement. I thought to myself, "Whoa, finally stepping on another state besides Florida!!!"

[MAY 2014] We took my friend's car, her Robin. Yeah her Juke's named Robin. :D

Cruise control is the best invention of all time. Great for traveling long distances, especially from Miami to New York.

We stopped at North Carolina to eat dinner as we were already starving. Driving up to New York felt like I was reliving the story from Paper Towns where the characters drove up to New York. 

This was am amazing morning shot on the streets of Washington, DC. We got to DC at around 4, and our check-in time was 7am at the hotel we were staying at so we had time to kill despite our tummies growling. We waited for Starbucks to open and we were the first customers. That was exciting too.

The short corner building was the hotel we stayed at (Harrington Hotel). The hotel had a great history, and they were celebrating their 100 years of service! Amazing, a hundred year old hotel. For a century old hotel, it was great.
We only stayed their overnight. The staff was very friendly too!

We spent our only day touring (after my friend's family went to the Philippines Embassy to renew passports, which I do not recommend because there was one lady there who had no respect for elders. She was yelling at old people!). Before our tour, we were at this Thai restaurant and I completely apologize because I forgot the name of the resto, but they had amazing food!

This was my second time visiting Washington, DC and I am glad to be back. I remember going there for the first time back in '09 and I was mind blown at how amazing it was. I even decided I'd take Political Science or International Relations as a major after high school. Well, that obviously didn't happen.

Our last night in Washington, DC, my friend and I strolled the streets at night (after eating Korean dish for dinner) and couldn't believe that at 7PM, they were already closing their stores. I guess we got used to the noise in Miami. 
We were just having fun out in the streets taking pictures, vlogging, and taking selfies. We weren't scared, really, coz the streets were filled with police officers! Even our hotel was packed with police officers. We were told that there was a convention going on, so we were lucky! I've never felt safer in my entire life!

To be continued... see you soon on my next post!

Le Petite Wanderer


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