Slowly Going Back To Blogging

Hi everyone! Or whoever's been waiting for this blog post. I've been missing in action. I thought I was just on hiatus, but then things happened and I completely disappeared from the blogosphere.
There are tons of drafts just waiting to be opened and type in words. But there was nothing. Nothing would come to mind, and I lost my way. I lost my words.
Kind of like, I didn't know how to blog anymore. I used to blog with all my emotions in it, but after going through disappearing blogs and losing all my posts, it was hard. It was really hard to go back to blogging.

I got busy too... I started working again, and I had this business. It was stressful. People were expecting too much from me. But with all those hard work, I wasn't expecting to travel to different cities at the start of this year. And that was the best part.

January this year, I visited California. It was for a conference. A really great one, actually. But, because of that I was able to experience great things. I was able to see one of the cities in my bucket list. 
I saw the Golden Gate Bridge only in movies and shows. Seeing it personally was overwhelming. I hadn't hoped of what I'll be seeing in San Francisco. 

We even visited the Muir Woods. I'm not sure what it was called, but it was amazing. I've always been a nature person. I prefer camping in the woods than going to the beach nowadays, at least I feel at peace and calm when I'm next to the trees. Thousands of hundred year old redwoods trees.

Those are Tiff and Jon by the way, taking a break because we actually climbed up the trail, unprepared. Then they started running and left us.

Then, we reached the top. An incredible view. It was just so beautiful!

And that was the start of my adventure...

I met new people, became really good friends with them now.

(This post sounds so emotionless... haha I guess I don't know how to express myself anymore. But I'll get there.)


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