Too excited!

Hi everyone... okay. I am just taking a short break from writing my essay (which is due tomorrow! gahhh I know... but still).

I wanted to share this wedding highlights video. I helped film this video, and thanks so much for the amazing editing as well. This is the first that they've used scenes I've filmed (more than what I'd imagined) (HINT: the dress, shoes, etc.) . It's really incredible. I loved filming this wedding. Actually, I loved filming all the wedding that the team and I did (DelightMedia is AMAZING!). This is an incredible experience.

Obviously, I have so many things to learn and I have to keep practicing to become better. Doing this job makes me really want to pursue filming.

Watching the brides and grooms in the weddings we've filmed, makes me hopeful about love.

Le Petite Wanderer


  1. I wonder what essay this could have been lol, awesome footage as well :)

  2. amazing sis!! i would want to have that kind of job as well!!




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