A beauty in the middle of chaos

It is now 30 minutes before midnight, and I'm still taking my time thinking of what to write on here. I want to blog, but I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to blog. Before, when I started blogging, I would get so excited coming home and start pressing the keyboard, and then write about how my day was. It was really interesting.

Now, I questioned myself... Why do I blog? To whom am I blogging for? Really, I keep asking myself those and right now I am unable to.

I guess, I'm thinking too much, too many things that my brain couldn't comprehend what's what anymore. Then... nothing floats in my mind. Nothing at all. Right now, I'm trying to get back to where I left off before my previous blog (MDQ) disappeared.

I will soon get back to posting fashion, beauty, and lifestyle related posts :D

Le Petite Wanderer


  1. I know how you feel on the part *i want to blog but i dont know what to post*
    Maybe one of the reason why we experience this is because we really want to express all the ideas on our blog but we get pre-occupied with the duties of the real world then we dont know how to start a post xD
    but it's okay, it's normal

    hehee dont stress too much , just keep posting <3


    1. Ah! I totally agree XD this usually happens when no inspiration comes. Which is pretty much every single day haha. But I try to blog as often as I can. Thank you for commenting! <3

      I'll visit your blog soon!!! :D




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