Back in the Magic City

Hi everyone!!

Gosh, how long has it been? I'm finally back from my 2 and a half month vacation in the Philippines with the family. 

Adjusting to the time is such a hassle and I'm still recovering from the 12-hour difference of time. I still feel groggy... And wow, I'm not surprised by the humidity Miami has but I'm not used to it anymore. Sure, Philippines is a tropical country, and extremely hot, but the wind kinda helps with the hotness and windows in houses are open, so there's ventilation.

Anyway, my vacation was extremely fun. Of course, I met up with my friends from elementary and highschool. Surprised of their changes and some who didn't change... Or did I just grow taller.. A little bit? Haha. 

I would share pictures, but I'm having problems with my macbook (it wouldn't boot) so pictures will be delayed.

The photo above is one of the beautiful sunrises in the Philippines taken at the Bay in Guinsiliban, Camiguin. I woke up extra early to catch this sunrise. (That photo is also memorable... Hehe *wink*)

I went to a lot of places actually, and it was really fun! Cities that I've known since I was kid are rapidly developing. Just like my hometown, Pagadian City. 

Nostalgia kept me company the entire time I passed by every street that I remember. 

So many places, and so many moments to share.

See you soon on my next post! 

Le Petite Wanderer


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