When the moon rises...

I was able to come back to the beach a week after my mini bbq party with my friend, to celebrate another friend's birthday with his family and family friends. This time around, we were able to eat more food. This is just saying how we'll struggle when we go somewhere without people who cooks.

But another day at the beach. 

There is always that effect the beach has on me. The waves as it reaches the shore, touches my skin, prickling me to nothingness. It sucks me into something unrealistic.

Sometimes I think it's better that way, that I needed to get away from reality. Things that I wouldn't be able to handle if things continued on. The cerulean colored sea calms my nerves, and as my body submerges. Going deeper and deeper. Suspended in that void until I'm out of breath and needing to surface for air. That's when reality latches on to me.

Le Petite Wanderer


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