A Love Story

I think that happiness is the best thing in the world, then comes love next. Because without love, we wouldn't be able to experience being truly happy. 

Again, I've witnessed the union of a man and a woman who will share their lives until the day they die. It makes me feel so happy seeing couples who are truly inlove with each other. 

While filming them, I could feel I'm getting affected, makes me feel positive about my romantic relationship. Now, I am not in any romantic relationship, but seeing newly wed couples give me hope for my future. I can hope that there is still a man out there who I will love deeply, and who will love me dearly. Someone who will challenge me outside the barriers of my shielded heart. Someone who won't give up. Someone who will treasure me as I treasure my love for him. 

Sounds cliched and corny, but I am a girl (well, lady). Girls even as they grow up still hopes for that fairytale like love story.


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