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Ohh how I love that this blog is a personal blog/style blog/lifestyle/travel. Makes everything seem easier to manage! 

If you don't know me, I'm the type of girl, albeit being 21, who easily gets attracted to guys/boys/men, especially when they're absolutely good-looking. The eyes that pulls me and the smile that melts. Guys like that pass by me all the time and I couldn't really do anything... Too shy. Too much of a chicken. I definitely changed throughout the 3 years.

And now. I feel like every time I make a decision, it goes wrong.

And I just did a move that could've twisted my soul from embarrassment. I risked it. I'm all for it. I risked everything, and now it went to nothing.

My life is... so sad. I'm so disappointed at myself. I really want to cry so bad. But then again, I couldn't. I'd think I'm too weak...


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Phyllz, a Miami-based blogger who has years of experience in the blogosphere. She' first started as a personal blogger and after several years, slowly transitioned to fashion, personal style, and beauty blogging. Her love for traveling and experiencing new things fuel her desire to write and share.