Hello, Sun

One of those days where the weather is perfect and everything else is perfect.

You end up in a world of oblivion. The world masks the identities of things surrounding us. Of course, people wouldn't notice.

I'm not making much sense and I probably don't understand it myself... But the things that we are exposed to everyday changes us all the time. It could be good and could be bad as well.

I'm a nature-loving person. I love peace, the silence and just observing nature's flow of life around me. I guess that's the introvert in me talking, but I don't think I'm a total introvert. I love going out too, I do talk to people. I love parties, okay, I love the idea of parties and getting lost in the music. 

And I 'love' too... 
But I don't think I'm in love at the moment... It's just that I've been taken for granted consecutively in the past years that I decided to shield my heart. Pushing away potential interests... It's really card to cope when friendship and trust are on the line, and ended up breaking.

But I've moved on. I'm happy right now, maybe. Just going about everyday in life. 




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