Review: Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream

I'm excited to share to you guys my review for this CC cream. This is the first high-end CC cream that I've tried and I absolutely love it.

I received this Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream through Brandbacker! (Thank you so much!)

About the Product
Hydrating CC Cream transforms and enhances your complexion in an incredibly light, smooth formula. This foundation simultaneously fights aging, retains moisture, and covers and treats blemishes with a non-oily, perfectly radiant finish.

Key Benefits:

Prevents fine lines and wrinkles with collagen-building ingredients
Restores skin elasticity by promoting moisture retention.
          Brightens and illuminates skin with a non-oily, complete coverage application.

The shade that I got was Natural. Although I didn't expect for the cream to come out as white/grayish, but when I eventually blended it and it changed color to match my skin. 

I don't think it covered my face entirely in one layer. But it feels so smooth on my face. It's also cool as I glide my fingers to blend it. My skin is a combination of dry and oily so by the end of the day my face would sometimes be oily. As I've used this for how several days to try it out, and my face has been oil-free throughout the day!

From the photos I posted, I applied the CC Cream and covered it with powder foundation. It kinda works as a primer too but better. It kept my face hydrated too!

I give this CC cream 5 stars!

You can get 10% off with the code bloggercc if you purchase it on their website.


  1. Looking great sister! I'm still on a hunt for a cream that will suit my very sensitive skin mwahaha




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