Summer Diaries: Sunrise

For my summer diaries series, I'll only be blogging about INTERESTING things! Times when I get out of the house...
And for my first entry, it's called Sunrise. Yes, this is my first sunrise this year. I was so excited.
Going to Haulover Beach early in the morning (around 6:30am) was one of my accomplishments for my summer break.

Here's the story:
One of my best friends, wanted to take a hand-stand photo while the sun rises. It was for an instagram photo challenge. I was able to take great shots too. The videos will be put together by month and will be uploaded on my youtube channel. 

Then, we were just playing around. We could've brought our other friends but they didn't want to wake up that early! 

My bff had her polaroid so it was time to whip out that polaroid-selfies!

Here's one above by the rocks, and my hair was amazing... I just took off my scrunchie and bam, this happened!

Of course, the sunrise photo-op couldn't be missed. Too bad it was really cloudy that morning that after a couple minutes the sun hid behind the clouds! 

Of course, let's not forget Starbucks frap in the morning. This is in one of their secret-menu flavors. BUT I forget what it was called!

More on the vlog soon! I'll be editing them at the end of the month! <3

Le Petite Wanderer


  1. Ang ganda ng sunrise sis!

    Omg... gusto ko talaga magka polaroid cam...

    i'll be waiting for the vid <3




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